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This is the cornerstone of our business and provides the context for everything else we do.  Why?  Because we believe strongly that your success is dictated by how well you have defined your purpose as an organization.  In our view, your management style, executive team, business processes, client acquisition strategy, product mix, etc. are all a reflection of your overarching strategy.

Already have a well defined strategic plan?  We applaud you and invite you to discuss how we can help you build an organization that aligns to your strategic goals.  From business process management to product mix and market segmentation to best hiring practices, we can help you ensure that your business is a reflection of your vision.

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We provide targeted expertise to help you solve specific problems, create new opportunities or become more efficient in your business.  Examples of such areas include:


  • Process development & implementation

  • Market research & data requests

  • Growth strategy

  • Preparing for sale

  • Annual planning/budgeting procedures

  • Pricing models

  • One-on-one coaching and employee development

  • Much more.....

We also maintain strategic partnerships with high caliber, vetted professionals who we can engage to help you solve virtually any problem imaginable.





We are available to sit on the board of your organization, whether it be a traditional board of directors role or a strategic advisory board. 


Whether a long term role or part of a broader  advisory team for a specific project, we're available to help guide you in the right direction

Reach out to us via the Contact page or through our Advisory Cloud profile by clicking the link below.


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We are ardent advocates for ALL business owners to develop and understand their exit strategy, whether planning to retire in a couple of years, taking over a business for the first time or creating a new startup.


A sound exit strategy is closely aligned with your purpose and helps guide business decisions, make smart investments and build an asset that maximizes your wealth as an owner.  An inevitable part of a business's life cycle, the transfer of ownership should provide benefits for you, your employees and other stakeholders, whether an external buyout or transition to internal stakeholders or family members.

We can help you build your business to get the best possible price at sale and/or help you find potential buyers through our network of PE partners.

In Meeting


Need an interim executive to temporarily fill a gap in your executive management team?


Not ready to invest in a full-time executive, but have a need for certain management functions throughout the course of the year?


Do you require a high level strategic executive to augment your management talent in certain functional areas of your business?


Pfenning Group can help you find an executive to get through whatever business challenges you might be facing, whether through direct or indirect engagements.  If you're in need of outsourced executive talent, contact us to discuss your needs and we will help you find the right person for the job.

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