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Business Meeting



Reaching a Deal

Pfenning Group is uniquely positioned to help connect its PE partners with potential acquisition targets.  Our knowledge of the industries we work in, bias towards value creation and relationships with business owners, executives and other private equity firms allows us to bring you active and passive deal opportunities that you may be unaware of.

Additionally, we have experience developing deal theses and have identified targets that may be ideally suited to your investment strategy.  We can provide recommendations on operating executives, help run the business in the short or long term and/or serve on the company's board.

Contact us to discuss your acquisition criteria, learn more about our approach and get information on our deal theses.


Business Meeting

We provide strategic advisory and management consulting expertise within portfolio companies with a focus on value creation and execution of value drivers.

Our broad expertise encompasses such areas as:


  • Strategic planning

  • Business Process Management

  • Sales strategy & organic market growth

  • Pricing models

  • Annual planning/budgeting procedures

  • Productivity improvements

See our Practice Areas section for additional details.


Data on a Touch Pad

We can assist you during due diligence or prior to issuance of a letter of intent to vet your strategy and provide insight from the perspective of a seasoned operating executive.

Some of the services we provide include:


  • Analysis of your value creation strategy

  • Review of financials from perspective of operator

  • Market research & data requests

  • Potential add-on opportunities

  • Devil's advocate to help vet your assumptions

Contact us for more information.



We are available to sit on the board of one or more of your portfolio companies, whether it be a traditional board of directors role or a strategic advisory board. 


Whether a long term role or part of a broader  advisory team for a specific project, we're available to help guide your management teams in the right direction

Reach out to us via the Contact page or through our Advisory Cloud profile by clicking the link below.



In Meeting

Need an interim executive to temporarily fill a gap in the executive management team of a portfolio company?


Not ready to invest in a full-time executive, but have a need for certain management functions throughout the course of the year?


Do you require a high level strategic executive to augment your management talent in certain functional areas of your portfolio businesses?


Pfenning Group can help you find an executive to get through whatever business challenges you might be facing, whether through direct or indirect engagements.  If you're in need of outsourced executive talent, contact us to discuss your needs and we will help you find the right person for the job.

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