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Let's Get Started

Click below to book your free one-on-one customer engagement strategy session with Pfenning Group.

We look forward to learning about your business and helping you become a hero to your customers.

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Book a Free Customer Engagement Strategy Session

Become intentional about how, when and why you interact with your most critical stakeholder

What to Expect

On a 30-minute video call, we'll discuss your current customer engagement strategy and whether you feel you're serving your customers/clients effectively and efficiently.  This is a complimentary service we provide to give you valuable insights into your sales & marketing activities and what opportunities might exist to become even better.

Some of the areas we'll typically address are CRM usage, sales process, sales team development, marketing activities, automation and utilization of sales/marketing data.

Why Choose Us

Pfenning Group has decades of experience in sales & marketing leadership, team development, CRM implementations, as well as dozens of past client engagements.  We leverage multiple technology partners, including HubSpot, Predictive Index and Domo provide the ideal framework around which to deliver value to our clients.

The Process

After our initial one-on-one, we'll send you a summary of our call with recommendations for next steps, which you can either implement on your own, utilize Pfenning Group to assist you with or address at a later date.  There's no obligation to hire us, however, we hope you'll see enough value in our recommendations to consider partnering with us if you require assistance now or in the future.  


If you do decide to work with us, we'll schedule a follow-up call to discuss your business in greater depth and determine the appropriate path forward.

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