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Thank you for booking with us!
  • Please do your best to notify us of any cancellations at least 24 hours in advance.  Cancellation fees may apply for late cancellations on paid calls.

  • Please be prepared to start at the scheduled meeting time and we will do the same. 

  • If we need to reschedule the meeting or we are late to the meeting for any reason, you will receive a voucher for free services equal to the scheduled length of the canceled call or the number of minutes we were late in joining, ROUNDED UP in 10 minute increments.

  • Please ensure you have scheduled enough time to cover everything you would like to discuss.  To stay on schedule, we must end calls on time, so make sure you prioritize your agenda items beforehand.

  • Be clear about the purpose of the call and include background information beforehand, if necessary.

  • Be prepared to take notes and let us know in advance if the call should be recorded.

  • Be concise and don't be afraid to stop us if we're not addressing your question or giving you the information you need.

  • We will not be offended by any lack of "niceties!!!"  Please be as direct and expedient as makes you comfortable.  Time is your most valuable asset....we don't want to waste it!


Questions or concerns?  Call 216-777-7140 or email

To ensure you have the best experience possible, please take one minute to read over the suggestions below:

It is our pleasure and responsibility to provide you with the most effective insights and excellence of service. 

Please note you have scheduled a PAID telephone engagement with Pfenning Group, LLC.  If this meeting was scheduled in error, please contact us immediately

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