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2000 Deere 50ZTS Mini Excavator, 5,000 hours (approx.), includes 12" and 24" buckets, auxiliary hydraulics, 4LE1 engine, 38hp, 11.9' max digging depth, 8.6' height, enclosed cab ROPS w/ heat, 3.3' tail swing radius, 6.6' track width, 10,565 lb. operating weight, 3.9 psi ground pressure, owner's manual included, no front window or small lower window, slight pin slippage, financing available, contact for more info/photos.



Item No Longer Available
  • Items are purchased as-is.

    Buyer acknowledges they are purchasing used equipment and/or trucks and that neither Pfenning Group nor Seller have made any specific claims or warranties regarding equipment's condition, usability or remaining life.

    Buyer acknowledges they have either inspected the item(s) prior to purchase or have waived their right to inspection.  

    Full payment is required  prior to release of equipment.

    Neither Pfenning Group nor asset owner are responsible for any damage to goods after payment is received.

    No returns or refunds.

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