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Build a Strategy that Produces Results

Start a conversation with us today to tell us about your vision for your business and learn how we can help you turn that vision into reality.


No tricks or gimmicks.  Just practical advice and feedback about how you can realize your goals.  From there, we can mutually decide if it makes sense to further our discussion.



I'm so glad you're here.  I'm Nick Pfenning, President and Founder of Pfenning Group, and my team and I have decades of real-world experience building and executing strategic plans, in a variety of industries, that produce tangible, sustainable results.

We understand the common pitfalls in the typical planning process and why most strategic plans fail to produce the intended results.  Our proven system allows us to guide you through this critical process with minimal disruption to your business.  The end result is a clear, actionable and relevant strategic plan with clearly defined objectives.

We look forward to working with you as you embark on this important journey and I give you my personal commitment that no stone will be left unturned.

Balanced Scorecard Approach

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At Pfenning Group, we utilize the Balanced Scorecard model, developed by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton,  when developing strategic plans for our clients.  The BSC approach looks not only at financial measurements, but also at strategic initiatives, which are critical to an organization's ongoing success.  This approach, we feel, allows organizations to connect the dots between the overall vision of the organization and the key management objectives necessary to obtain these goals.  It ensures all KPIs and other metrics are fully aligned with the company mission and associated strategic initiatives.  We can assist you both in the development and ongoing implementation of your Balanced Scorecard.


Our Clients

Our client list ranges from Fortune 500 corporations, to private-equity firms and their portfolio companies, to numerous closely-held and family-owned SMEs.


Our typical client is successful and growth-oriented, seeking outside help to take their organization to the next level. We work with companies in various stages of their lifecycle, from start up to exit, and everything in between. Our ideal client is open minded and willing to take calculated risk in order to realize their full potential.



Drawing on a Board

We Put Your Plan Into Action

Turning Potential into Performace.

No matter what your key initiatives are, we'll put the necessary systems and processes in place to ensure you reach your objectives.  Through our technology partnerships and network of qualified talent, we have what it takes to turn your strategic plan into reality.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Customer Engagement 

  • Business Process Management & Automation

  • Business Intelligence

  • Talent Optimization

Our Key Technology Partners

We are partnered with many of the leading cloud-based software providers for business solutions, allowing us to put the right technologies in place, where necessary, to achieve extraordinary business results.  Our process begins and ends with your strategy and we're frequently able to leverage technology to help accelerate the implementation of your plan.

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Stripe and Spheres

Download the free eBook "Getting Started with the Scorecard Process," written by our partner ESM Strategy Software, to learn more about the Balanced Scorecard approach to strategic planning.

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